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20+ Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog (Any Category)

A Blog initially could be overwhelming to start with as this is a continuous, extensive process requiring a lot of effort and patience during its budding phase. In this article I’ve discussed about 20+ Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog.

Blogs ain’t a get-rich-quick scheme rather it does take a fairly good amount of time in reaping to their fullest and bring tons of traffic to the blog post.

20+ Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks for Your Blog (Any Category)

But there is a trick quite popular, which can aid you with tons of traffic within a short-stipulated time, that is investing in backlinks for your blog. Purchase backlinks trade backlinks

Backlinks are pivotal for SEO purposes. Backlinks are nothing but links backed by other web sources. Though if overused, backlinks can get your blog regarded as spam by Google analytics.

Backlink, an important part of off-page SEO, consequently brings more brands to your Blog page. Having backlinks for your website would help Google know its authenticity statistics better.

Now that you have decided to buy your blog backlinks, you must be doubtful of where to buy them from, as many of them are spam.

To aid you with a helping hand in making your comprehensive search for a safe website to buy a backlink from easier, we have created a list of “top 20 safest websites to buy backlinks for your blog of any category”.

20 Websites to Buy or Trade Backlinks for your Blog

1)  One Little Web

With their specific high-end SEO tools, they help you increase your article’s SEO score. They provide plagiarism correction offers too. Though One Little Web would seem a bit pricey to many. They avail the best quality Guest-posting, In-Content backlinks. Their pricing goes like about $999/month for 6HQ links/month. Their options in terms of backlinks can leave you spoilt for choice.

2)  Wicked Fire

This is the best platform one can vouch for in terms of getting SEO analytics done. Also, they have been providing services for a long-time now, this ensures their authority due to comprehensive experience. Also, if you’re looking for developers and writers to outsource work you can easily hire them from here.

3)  Link Wheel Pro

They are an inexpensive Link-building service, with a high ROI. The feature of them we liked the most was there is no need to have a contract. The basic package is very cost-effective, to be honest. They can fulfil your requirements for EDU backlinks as well. Can cost you about $5 for a backlink. Their basic package initiates at $5. Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks

4)  Post Links

Their powerful tool helps create high-quality backlinks within no time. All backlinks are indexed by Google, Bing & Yahoo. No chance of spam as links are manually crafted and placed and they have a team of dedicated SEO panels for that. The services provided serve the purpose and are easy to use. As quality comes at a price, their basic rates are on the upper hand.

5)  The Hoth

A legit link-building website and SEO agency. They are a popular option for cheap website links. The DR quality is average but good for the price charged. They have better than average ratings over Trustpilot. The anchor text they give has text links from versatile sources.

6)  Links Management

If you want to get your website score checked, you can check their site. They provide a comprehensive SEO report within 30 seconds. Before buying you can easily go through the detailed analysis of the number of backlinks required to outperform your competitor.

Also, they maintain transparency in terms of the money required for the backlinks. Over the platform, you can get 8,000,000 high-ranking websites to choose from. They provide both static and permanent backlinks. The pricing initiates at $1.


A cloud-based platform or let’s say a link repository website where you can easily get links in exchange for money. This platform manages premium quality links and sells them to businesses or websites as per requirements. There are about 20 countries registered with them. The platform includes 5 million listings which are provided with proper disclaimers.

They have been in the business for the last 10 years. The website gathers backlinks from top-social media sites. Quality backlinks provider at affordable price ranges. It is highly popular among brands for purchasing backlinks. Not only as buyers, if you’re a seller also you can register with them. You can use a PayPal account or any other payment options such as credit and debit over the platform. Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks

8)  Authority Builders

One of the most used marketplaces regarding backlinks. Buyers and sellers both could be found here. This platform also helps you obtain revenue from selling text links and advertisements.

An easy-to-navigate dashboard helps keep track of sales of links text. Their in-built software avails easy links management as well. Extended insights into DA, RD, Traffic & TF are obtainable.

9)  Upwork

Upwork is a crowdsourcing platform. This isn’t a dedicated backlink selling and buying marketplace though it serves the purpose very well if used. This is a trusted marketplace with the exchange of money for talent. Upwork would be highly recommended if you want other services regarding outsourcing for your blogs to get done.

The platform encompasses 17 million-plus business and service providers. For clarity on the pricing, it is based on a per-hour format. This could be a bit expensive. For avoiding getting scammed, scan through the rating and portfolio of the person to be hired beforehand.

10) Warrior Forum

Warrior forum is of great help when it comes to hiring experts of high authority to create backlinks. If you want to hire professionals from any specific category, warrior forums would come in handy. The backlinks provided on their platform are of great quality.

To welcome more traffic and enhance the rankings of your website. The cost at which the backlinks are offered is great too. They have in collaboration with backlinks with sites like & TechCrunch.

11) Black Hat World

They are a vast SEO pro community cum Link-building services that includes digital marketers and the sellers. They are a trusted provider of PBN backlinks, WEB 2.0, private blog networks, and guest posts.

They avail of the best-in-quality links within affordable price ranges. They produce high-quality as well as premium authority links and use proprietary methods for the same. The tools provided for SEO purposes are high-end and useful.


Seoclerks is a marketplace for backlinks. Though we will advise you to be careful beforehand and they don’t have many certified webmasters to choose from. Also, the backlinks gigs are quite pricey. So, there isn’t any quality assured.

13) Loganix

Loganix offers quality, affordable backlinks from trustable websites. If you have a high budget to ensure no compromises upon quality, you’re good to go with them. The median costs range from $400. They have expertise in SEO and have a trusted presence in the market. If the quality parameter is concerned their pricings would seem reasonable.

14) Backlink Boss

Their platform provides PR1+Backlinks to PR-7 backlinks. Due to their popularity stats, you can expect their backlinks to be of high authority. Alongside that, they navigate you through better strategies regarding link building.

15) Backlinksrocket

This platform avails you the best-in-market backlinks to ensure high traffic. The website you’ll be targeting with the backlinks could eventually have a good presence and enhance ranking over Alexa as well. Like many other platforms we have mentioned in the list it also provides high-quality backlinks and SEO integrations. Apart from that, you can get an SEO custom report of your website.


A Backlinks marketplace where links of any niche could easily be found. This site has content written in the Russian language as this site is native to Russia. Though that could be translated through google translating features. Websites are catalogued in accordance with domain authority, page authority, backlinks, outbound links, etc. Backlinks go live instantly after buying. The basic package would cost $30 to you.

17) Fiverr

Though a great platform in general, people do get scammed here often as well. As the backlinks provided if not chosen carefully could be an automated backlink generator. The backlinks could be purchased at a meagre price of $5 to start with. If you’re attentive to the details you can land a great gig at the cheapest rates.

18) Black Hat Links

Even if you’re a link dealer you can order links from here in bulk. Black Hat Links has an easy interface to use. To get maximum results they ensure to schedule the backlinks creations for further. They focus on buying links from a website with low OBL and outbound links. They are one of the cheapest backlinks providers right now in the market. Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks

19) Adsy

They are a backlink provider website claiming to offer backlinks from DA40+ sites. The cost for backlinks starts at a standard rate of $14. The sites from which backlinks are offered are usually of high traffic and authority. They have a huge inventory of backlinks.

20) Backlink Boss

To boost your ranking another link-building service you can use is Backlink boss. The backlinks offered are Dofollow backlinks and are high on DA, PA, Edu, and Gov. They claim to have a customer base of about 130.00. The rates are not too high as well. Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks

Final Remarks on 20+ Safest Websites to Buy Backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of your website to get search engine results. Though as suggested by blogging pros backlinks are better to be earned by web admins rather than to be bought.

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