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The 9 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert Customers
The 9 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert Customers

I’ve been a designer at the starting of my career and created n number of landing pages for my personal blogging websites as well as for many clients over the world. So I’ve shared the 9 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert Customers in 2023.

Any business with a website now needs to have a landing page for marketing purposes. To attract new leads to their website, many companies employ strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and social media marketing.

For instance, there’s a high probability that if you’re using SEO, you’re sending visitors to target pages on your website. You must design landing pages that attract your leads and motivate them to take action. With the use of landing pages, you may increase website traffic and encourage visitors to complete the required activity.

The marketing campaign you plan to launch needs to have a landing page to support it if you want to improve conversion rates for your website. This is a result of the landing page’s structure, which was designed to be efficient and useful for users.

Although it is not difficult, creating a successful landing page does take some work.

You must develop the skills to produce landing pages that meet the expectations of your customers. That includes doing more than just creating something that “looks good.”
We’ll provide you with eight suggestions on this page for building attractive landing pages that will generate leads and sales for your company.

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What is a Landing Page?

An internet page known as a landing page is designed to turn website visitors into clients and customers.
You have the chance to draw the visitor’s attention on this page. When a potential customer “lands” on the page, they have two options: they can click on another CTA button or enter their email address and name in the lead capture form.

A proper landing page is targeted at a certain target demographic and those who have already shown interest in your company, such as by clicking on an email link or opening a social network promotion link. Because of this, it’s essential to design a landing page that directly relates to the target market.

The Advantages of Efficient Landing Pages

In addition to improved conversion rates, effective landing pages have a few other benefits.

·       Getting SEO Rankings

A particular group of search phrases are the focus of landing pages. They are also promoted through the use of Google AdSense and other forms of paid advertising Both of them raise the landing page’s rating and draw users looking for related information to your product, promotion, or sale.

·       Promoting An Upcoming Product or Sale

A landing page is dedicated to a single promotion, item, or sale. It has no place in the structure of your website and just serves to convey one idea. It’s advantageous in a few ways:

It promotes a particular sales or marketing objective in order to increase conversion.

It enables you to focus on and monitor the performance of a specific good, objective, or group of keywords.

·       Enhance the Purchasing/Subscription process’s Efficiency

A high-converting landing page only serves as a gateway to more interaction as visitors move down the funnel. Rather than finding it somewhere on your right rails or on your homepage, they immediately find your CTA on the landing page and proceed to subscribe, sign up, buy, or join.

The 9 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert Customers

Now that you are clear on what a landing page is and why it is critical for any business, let’s examine some of the essential components that a successful landing page should have. Here we describe The 9 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert Customers

1) Objectives And Focus

A strong landing page, like any job, has a clear focus on the work that needs to be done and a reason for having one in the first place. Customers come in different sizes, shapes, and walks of life, as well as from multiple areas. As a result, we must be very clear about the goals of our landing page and the people we want to reach.

Even though we might only have one product, it might be able to meet the demands of several different industries, giving it a vast but focused target market. Therefore, the first thing you should do is gain a good understanding of your audience, their wants, and the accurate information they would be seeking.

You also need to be aware of the factors that drive demand for your goods and draw clients to you.
You can only create a landing page that converts if you keep in mind the exact wording that people use to find your goods and the USP you would offer if they hired you for the position.

2) The Message

Remember the message you want to convey with your landing page, and double-check that it accurately conveys that message.

Be careful not to oversell or undersell yourself, and ensure that this message is understood. Establish some rules for your landing page and make sure you follow them. Don’t cross the lines to gain a few more sales or clients.

Remember that if you blur these lines to attract a few more clients, you may get a few but lose hundreds more if they feel scammed into purchasing or utilizing the product because it wasn’t what they were searching for.

One negative comment might seriously damage your reputation and turn away potential clients.

3) Improve Your SEO.

Even the best and most unique landing pages are pointless unless they are properly optimized and can be found by their targeted users.

Your landing page must be simple to find for your audience and must show up naturally when they use a search engine like Google to look for particular products.

To do this, you must accurately define your keywords and choose a focus keyword that will guide them to the products they require. The next step is to choose those keywords and add them to your page’s URL, title, and anchor text. By doing this, you can raise your page’s organic rating and increase visitors to your website.

4) Talk About Your Product.

It’s critical to clearly illustrate your product, and the text on your landing page must adequately describe it. Additionally, keep in mind that your ultimate objective is to get the consumer what they need and guide them in that direction.

According to Interface, any website can establish an impression, attract a visitor’s attention, and then clearly point them in the direction of your product in under eight seconds.

5) Take Away All the Noise and Make it Less Terrifying.

It is essential to make your landing page as easy as possible for your visitors and to eliminate any potential sources of distraction. If your website is lengthy and includes many options, visitors will find it difficult and may choose another option instead of moving toward your intended goal.

Make your landing page as simple as possible, and provide options on supporting pages as needed.

For instance, if you run a tourism website and are marketing a specific destination, it is essential that your landing page concentrate on that location and draw visitors there first before directing them to other locations. Any alternative approach could confuse your audience and instead provide them with choices that might lead them to reject your proposed location.

They would then accept the opportunity you are providing them and look for alternatives they had not previously considered.

Additionally, if at all possible, avoid including links on the landing page since you only want visitors to complete the lead form. Visitors who click on external links may end up on a different page, costing you leads.

6) Design With Your Segmented Customer’s Needs in Mind.

Making sure that your landing page communicates with your primary audience and keeps in mind the needs of your segmented customers is essential. Be sure about your target audience and their unique needs, and then adapt your marketing to suit them.

If your target audience is interested in eBooks and discounts on those publications, you could include a purchase option on your landing page. Additionally, built-in segmentation with a side discount would draw more customers.

Therefore, subsequent pages rather than the landing page itself should have the landing pages that convert into a discounted buying option for non-eBooks.

7) Be Specific in Your Instructions.

Even if your landing page is among the simplest, it might sometimes be challenging for a beginner and require some guidance. So, offer them advice and direct them toward the finished product.

Additionally, not everyone requires each function your product offers. Offer customers a choice so they may learn they can buy the product even though they desire the extra feature, and vice versa, so they can purchase a particular feature if they need it as part of their purchase.

As a result, it’s critical that they have a choice that leads them to the goal and that they know exactly how to get there.

8) Feature Important Clients to Build Credibility.

Being socially accepted these days is quite important, so it’s essential to mention your best clients and highlight their recommendations. By doing this, you’ll not only improve your company’s reputation but also give your most valuable clients a sense of value and necessity.

As a result, they will spread the word about you, and seeing their names proudly featured on the landing page will increase your social standing.

9) Disclose the Price Upfront and Exclude any Additional Fees.

It’s essential to be upfront about the pricing from the beginning and not confuse customers into thinking the price will be reduced. Customers won’t mistrust your website if they are aware of what they should expect to pay.

Even after purchasing the item, people continue to look for alternative possibilities.

Instead of being turned off by hidden fees and leaving the website altogether, this can encourage customers to purchase additional items. InstaPage, Unbounded, HubSpot, Get Response, and Optimize Press are a few tools that may be used to quickly design excellent landing pages, among others.


Now that you know the fundamentals, you can focus on creating WordPress landing pages that work. You may start creating effective landing pages that are focused on conversions and establishing meaningful relationships with your customers and clients.

To maximize the value of your customers and your landing page conversion, keep learning the 9 Best Tips to Create Landing Pages That Convert Customers.

Never cease improving your plan, whether it be through A/B testing, polls, research, or other methods. Additionally, this will assist you in providing the best experience and content on your landing page that will drive visitors to provide their information.

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