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GrooveFunnels Review 2023: Best Lifetime Funnel Builder

In this GrooveFunnels Review 2023: Best Lifetime Funnel Builder, I’ll go into great detail about all the features and advantages that Groove gives its consumers. Are you searching for a Groove-like all-in-one, strong, and user-friendly internet company builder? But are you still sure if Groove is the best tool for you at this time? You’re in the right place.

So that you can decide if Groove is the best fit for your company, I’ll also go over some of my personal experiences and some potential negatives of using Groove. Let’s start now.

What is GrooveFunnels?

A platform called Groove Funnels enables you to build your own websites, online stores, sales funnels, etc. It serves as a one-stop shop for finishing all of these activities. There are many more features than just page and funnel building.

Groove Funnels has some incredible tools that make creating websites, funnels, and other online projects very simple, such as Groove Pages, Groove Sell, and the Affiliate Program. To learn all there is to know about the platform, we will conduct a thorough Groove Funnels review in this article.

Who is the Owner of Groove Funnels?

The founder and CEO of Groove Digital is Mike Filsaime. He is regarded as a pioneer in the field of online marketing. In addition, he works as a software developer, consultant, author, speaker, and digital marketer.

He is a specialist in online marketing. He is the one with the most million-dollar launches. He made the decision to follow his idea and develop software that will make it simpler for others to manage their businesses online after managing one of the biggest dealerships in the nation. His concepts are innovative, and he has produced game-changing software for numerous web businesses with the help of gifted developers and designers.

His businesses have brought in more than $175 million. Numerous well-known platforms, including Webinar Jam, Ever Webinar, Kartra, Deal Guardian, Butterfly Marketing, and Evergreen Business System, were the result of his creation. Since then, Mike Filsaime has sold a few of these brands.

Groove Is Best for:

For online business owners who wish to produce and market digital goods, courses, or subscriptions, Groove is a fantastic option. Additionally, the platform is well suited for companies that wish to grow their customer base and engage with them via Groove’s email marketing tool.

Another fantastic way to make money is by promoting Groove’s goods and services to your customers through the affiliate marketing program. This will be covered in more detail later in this essay. Groove is essentially for you if you have any of the following:

  • Online Business Owner
  • Course Design
  • Manage A Membership Program.
  • Internet Marketer
  • Proprietor of a Business
  • A Proprietor of An Online Store
  • Influencer
  • E-Mail Marketer
  • Associate Marketer
  • Tiny Blogger
  • Builder of Niche Websites
  • Owner of a Local Business
  • Organizer of Webinars
  • A Specific Niche Blogger
  • Consultants and Coaches
  • Marketing Firms.

If any of the Below describes you, Groove is not for you.

  • Devoted blogger: The tools and functionality of blogging are still very basic. It is preferable to remain with WordPress if you want to concentrate primarily on blogging.
  • Businesses or enterprises that require 99%+ uptime: Groove is still a young technology and occasionally experiences stability problems. It works best for smaller, more recent firms when availability isn’t a major concern.
  • large online stores: Thousands of goods may be beyond Groove’s capacity, at least as of this writing. It still needs to improve before it can compete with companies like Shopify.

Main Features of Groove Funnels

A variety of functions are available on Groove Funnels, which is designed to automate your sales and commercial processes. Some of the features include:

Groove Pages

The best landing page builder is provided by Groove Funnels and is called Groove Pages. It is simple to use and has a drag-and-drop editor. It is made to build websites, landing pages, and sales funnels that look good and convert well.

You can choose from a large number of attractive templates that are included with the user-friendly and intuitive website editor. The pages perfectly interact with other areas of your website and are completely mobile-responsive.
The key features of groove pages are

  • All Visible on The Side of The Screen While Editing,
  • Which Is What I Appreciate Most About It.
  • Selecting Items and Dragging Them to the Desired Location on Your Page Is Simple.

Groove Sell

You may offer digital goods and services using Groove Sell, a platform for shopping carts and a strong sales management tool.

Except for the fact that it is currently in development and a free service, it is extremely similar to Thrive Cart.

There are no monthly fees or transactions with Groove Sell.As a result, Groove Sell allows you to sell digital goods for a considerably higher profit at no additional expense.

Multiple payment gateways, including credit cards, PayPal, Groove Pay, Stripe, etc., are supported with Groove Sells.

Additional payment options include one-time, repeating, instalments, and repeating instalments (yet to be launched).

The key features of Groove Sell are

  • Endless Down sells and Upsells
  • First-Click Upsells
  • Individual Checkouts.
  • Countless Goods

Another useful Groove Sell feature is that you can export buyers’ contacts and emails to use for email marketing.

Groove Affiliate

You may develop and manage your own affiliate programme with Groove Affiliate, a cloud-based affiliate management system. It is totally free, simple to use, and integrated with Groove Sell, allowing you to build an affiliate network directly from the platform that will enable you to sell digital goods.

Your commissions, sales, affiliate commission rates, and much more are all tracked by this tool.
In my opinion, Groove Affiliates is extremely similar to Tap Affiliates, with the exception that it is free.

Groove Mail

Groove Mail is a platform for email marketing management and email notification.
You can use it to send your contact list automatic emails.
You can use Groove Mail to:

  • Send out a broadcast email.
  • Automate your email sequences.
  • Transmitting Voice and Text Messages (SMS) Is Sent.
  • And A Whole Lot More.

The Groove Mail automation tool allows for tab management, membership addition for current subscribers, subscription and subscription of visitors, and so on.

Additionally, free users can add and import up to 10,000 email contacts, while Platinum users can add and import an infinite number of email contacts.

Groove Member

A membership content management system called Groove Member enables you to put up online courses, funnels for your digital goods, and membership websites.

It is completely customizable and enables you to build as many membership levels as necessary, gather payment information, send out content to your list of contacts automatically when they reach a particular level in the online sales system, and more.
Groove Member’s main characteristics are

  • To Develop and Deploy Digital Goods in A Members-Only Environment That Is Safe and Secure.
  • Make Levels and Tiers for Certain Members.
  • Drip Information
  • And A Whole Lot More.

I found that Groove Member’s UI had a somewhat dated appearance when I was using it.
However, Groove’s developers have already made a number of changes to the tool to make it more reliable and safe.

sRight now, Groove Member even offers a certification option that you can use to advance your members.

Groove Kart

A powerful e-commerce platform for Print on Demand (POD) and drop-shipping companies, Groove Kart is equipped with features that boost sales conversion rates and encourage customers to make purchases.

It connects quickly to popular drop shipping applications like Stripe, Shopify, and FedEx Ship Station while also providing quick access to essential statistics like income or conversion rates so you can continue to concentrate on what truly matters: generating more traffic.

I especially like Groove Kart since it is free to combine with some other third-party tools such as Klaviyo, Google Analytics, Facebook Messenger, and Zapier—the mother of all integrations.
Because Groove Kart supports a number of payment channels, like Stripe and PayPal, you don’t need to stress about taking payments.

Groove Kart has everything built-in, unlike other systems like Shopify, so you do not need to pay for additional themes or installation.

Groove Webinar

The built-in webinar platform Groove Webinar enables automated and real-time presentation streaming. Groove Webinar has all of the features.

As a result, you won’t need to worry about hosting, creating timetables, or purchasing specialized software.

With Groove Webinar, you can manage live and automated webinars with polls, pop-ups, countdowns, surveys, etc. directly from your account.

The key features of the Groove Webinar are

  • Multiple viewing options are available, including the ability to display your camera, screen, or both.
  • complete authority over your designs. Your webinars’ design is up to you.
  • rooms that are airtight and secure.

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Top GrooveFunnels Alternatives in 2023

There are several Groove Funnels alternatives, and we’re going to discuss some of the most well-known ones, including Kartra, Clickfunnels, and few others. We shall evaluate the specifications, costs, and advantages and disadvantages of each of the brands mentioned below. So pay attention, because there will soon be some competition.

We’ll start off by discussing the Clickfunnels brand.

1)    GrooveFunnels Alternative #1 Clickfunnels

Increased lifetime relationship sharing with the consumer remains Clickfunnels’ major goal. Clickfunnels has been successful in adapting to two different sales funnel generation tactics in its drive to reach the stars. While one is comparable to the Lead Pages’ approach, the other is an application funnel-based strategy that is considerably more in-depth.

Features of Clickfunnels

  • An Affiliate Management System.
  • A System for Hosting Webinars.
  • A Check-Out and Shopping Cart System.
  • A Reliable Membership Hosting Platform.
  • Email Advertising

Clickfunnels Pricing

  • The first plan is $97 per month.
  • Chick Funnels’ platinum plan is $297.
  • The last programme, Two Comma ClubX, is priced at $2,497 and features high updates.

Pros And Cons of Clickfunnels

It offers an infinite number of goods, free brand website creation with complete navigation, free custom domains, free bandwidth and free hosting.In contrast to Clickfunnels, it lacks some functionality. Uploading customized templates is more expensive. A monthly subscription is necessary.

2)  GrooveFunnels Alternative #2 Kartra 

Kartra is a proper marketing system with many features. Its incredible features, cutting-edge settings, and functionalities appeal to the distinct ideas and thoughts of the clients and their customers to achieve the highest level of happiness.

With its all-inclusive service, small business owners no longer need to employ web designers, copywriters, public relations specialists, or social media managers because Kartra already assumes full responsibility for all of these tasks.

Kartra Features

  • Carts and products
  • Page creator
  • In-group testing
  • Submissions of smart opt-in forms

Pros and Cons of Kartra

its user-friendly design, ease of usage and simplicity of understanding, as well as the joy and ease with which funnels may be created. There isn’t any software necessary. The customer service staff is outstanding, offering live chats and available customer help around-the-clockThe customer support staff may occasionally be tardy, It’s rather pricey, and it lacks flexibility

Kartra Plans & Pricing

  • The starter plan has a monthly cost of $79,
  • The Silver Plan has a monthly fee of $149.
  • The Platinum Plan has a monthly cost of $229.
  • The Gold Plan has a monthly cost of $379.

3)  GrooveFunnels Alternative #3 Lead Pages

This refined web tool’s primary goal is to gather subscriptions and their associated email addresses. The company is a formidable opponent with a staggering collection of templates that tries to gather leads by creating lead magnets, hosting webinars, and landing sites.

The sales-escalating service has modified and faithfully kept using the traditional approach of collecting email addresses over the years. Top Lead Pages Replacements

Features of Leadpages

  • Drop and drag
  • A library with plenty of reading material.
  • Testing’s A/B.
  • Excellent SEO and fantastic templates.

Leadpages Plans & Pricing

  • Cost is $25 for the Standard Annual.
  • Pro Annual is priced at $48,
  • Advance Annual is priced at $199.

Pros And Cons of Leadpages

The Lead Page is accessible without charge. It can quickly produce landing pages. It can select templates based on conversion rate. It is simple to use and comprehend.Uploading customized templates is more expensive. A monthly subscription is necessary. The features are still in BETA form and have not yet been launched in their entirety.

4)  GrooveFunnels Alternative #4 Builderall

Builderall is a simple-to-use platform that will let you get access to all the capabilities your organization needs. Builderall, as its name suggests, contains everything, including tools for building funnel maps, SEO, marketing plans, and more.

The benefit I want to highlight for you is that it’s difficult to keep track of all the features when you spread yourself over numerous tools to access them.

Features of Builderall

  • Create blogs and different webinars.
  • Record the results of your analysis.
  • Build membership websites.
  • Produce different eBooks.
  • Produce videos.

Builderall Plans & Pricing

  • Basic Plan is free.
  • Costs for the Builder Plan are $19.90,
  • Marketer Plan is $29.90,
  • Essential Plan is $49.90,
  • and Premium Plan is $69.90.

Pros and Cons of Builderall

This tool has a large selection of settings. This enables users to tailor and personalize their businesses in accordance with their preferences. It is simple to use and comprehend. The software is user-friendly.The users occasionally find it challenging to set requirements due to the broad variety of tools. It could become challenging for novices to utilize. GrooveFunnels’ features are comparatively less polished.

GrooveFunnels Pros and Cons


  • You can generate up to three times as many sales for free thanks to the software’s powerful technology,
  • all-in-one platform,
  • slick navigation,
  • drag-and-drop visual website builder,
  • and amazing help and support.


  • The site contains too many pre-launch features,
  • and some of them won’t be available until a very distant future.

GrooveFunnels Plans & Pricing:

Currently, has 5 pricing tiers available.

1.      Free Plan

The Free Plan is cost-free and provides lifetime access to all Groove programs, including GroovePages, GrooveMail, GrooveKart, GrooveSells, and any upcoming ones.

The Base Plan is another name for the Free Plan.

  • In the free edition, you are limited to 500 email contacts, 1 website,
  • 1 blog in GrooveBlog,
  • 5 videos uploaded in GrooveVideos,
  • and 1 custom domain connection.
  • In GrooveKart, you can also build an unlimited number of cart stores, but the fees for accepting credit cards are substantially higher than they are for the Platinum lifetime package.

2.    Creator Plan 

The monthly fee of the GrooveFunnels Creator plan is $149.00. You receive 5,000 contacts, 50,000 emails each month, 5 custom domains, 250 pages, an unlimited number of Groove subdomains, an infinite number of eCommerce stores, an infinite number of products, an infinite number of gateways, no platform fees, 5 team members, and 50 hosted videos at this price.

3.    Pro Plan

The monthly cost of the Pro package is $199.00.

You receive 30,000 email contacts, unlimited emails, unlimited videos, unlimited automated webinars, unlimited websites, unlimited domains, unlimited share funnels, unlimited imported pages, unlimited subscribers, unlimited membership sites, unlimited members, and more at this pricing.

4.   Premium Plan

The monthly cost of the Premium package is $299.00.

You receive 50,000 contacts, an unlimited number of emails each month, unlimited custom domains, unlimited pages, an unlimited number of Groove subdomains, an unlimited number of ecommerce stores, an unlimited number of products, an unlimited number of gateways, no platform fees, an unlimited number of team members, an unlimited number of videos for hosting, and an unlimited number of automated webinars for this price.

5.   Lifetime Premium+ Plan

The Groove Cost is $2,497 for the Premium+ Lifetime Plan (one-time payment).

You receive unlimited contacts, unlimited emails each month, unlimited pages, unlimited Groove subdomains, unlimited custom domains, unlimited eCommerce stores, unlimited items, unlimited gateways, unlimited team members, no platform fees, unlimited hosting videos, unlimited automated webinars, and NO monthly payments at this pricing.

Comparison of Free vs Paid Plans

I’ve made a table to make it simpler to understand the Free vs. Paid plan (Platinum lifetime):

Free PlanLifetime Plan
Lifetime access to 19+ Groove apps, each with restrictionsAccess to 19+ Groove apps for life, with limitless access to features
20% of all referral fees are paid as affiliate commission.40% of all referral fees paid by affiliates
Access to live workshops is not availableAll year long, free live, in-person workshops are available.
No free GrooveKon VIP tickets are available.GrooveKon conference VIP seats are free, starting at $99.00 each month.
Increased third-party payment processor online credit card rates of 3% + 30c USD 3%Online credit card prices are lower, at 2.85% + 25c USD.
Lifetime access to 19+ Groove apps, each with restrictionsProcessing fees from other parties are not charged
20% of all referral fees are paid as affiliate commission.Access to 19+ Groove apps for life, with limitless access to features

The restrictions placed on the features made available in the GrooveFunnels Free and Paid plans are the primary distinction between them.

You have unrestricted access to the majority of features, digital marketing tools, and incentives when you purchase the Platinum package.

You can make websites, add an infinite number of email contacts, build an infinite number of GrooveBlog blogs, an infinite number of custom domains, etc.

Additionally, the Platinum plan has a cheaper credit card processing price than the free plan. 

GrooveFunnels FAQs

1)     Does GrooveFunnels offer free hosting?

Yes, it is the answer. With the Free GrooveFunnels account, you will receive free hosting. So go ahead and use free hosting for your websites.

2)   Does the website use free SSL?

Free SSL certificates are available when you sync up with a Cloudflare account.

3)   How much is GrooveFunnels worth?

As said in this article, GrooveFunnels is entirely worthwhile. As you can see, even its entry-level pricing package offers a full funnel builder, membership site builder, video hosting, seller and affiliate account, email autoresponder, etc. for a price that you won’t find anywhere else.

4)   Does GrooveFunnels offer split testing and reporting?

Absolutely, GrooveFunnels has a powerful reporting mechanism. Within a few months of the introduction, split testing will also be offered.

5)   Should I purchase anything else after purchasing GrooveFunnels?

Once you have purchased GrooveFunnels, you are just required to purchase sales pipelines. However, since Pipedrive and GrooveFunnels are integrated, it is not necessary.

6)   Will GrooveFunnels allow me to import Funnels?

Yes. GrooveFunnels allows you to import funnels. There are three options for doing this:

  1. The system already includes templates you can use if you want a blank page.
  2. There are numerous prebuilt templates for pages like landing pages and webpages existing in the system if you need a more specialized design.
  3. GrooveFunnels also features a proprietary technology that enables users to import any internet page and add GrooveBlocks or Premium blocks to create custom web sites.

7)   Can I combine GrooveFunnels with my email autoresponder?

ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign are two email autoresponders that work with GrooveFunnels.

Wrapping Up: GrooveFunnels Review 2023

Coaches, therapists, content producers, and website designers all respect GrooveFunnels since it has all the capabilities required to improve your online business.

Think about how easy it is to develop sales pages with GrooveMail’s styled templates and automated email campaigns.

Users can utilize GrooveSell and GroovePages without paying anything under the GrooveFunnels Base Plan.

Users can also access more sophisticated, highly recommended marketing, CRM, membership development, and affiliate management capabilities with the premium Platinum Lifetime plan, which is only accessible for a short while.

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