OPTIMIZE SEO News May 2023 RoundUp
23.5.23 - OPTIMIZE SEO News May 2023 RoundUp

“Stay updated with SEO News May 2023 RoundUp. Get the edge with data studies, guides, and latest alerts on Google’s updates, AI impact, reaching the first page, and more.”

Examine SEO Case Study: 7 Lessons to 1 Million Monthly Visits

SEO News May 2023

In this roundup, we’ll cover a variety of topics related to SEO and digital marketing. To begin with, we have a case study by Bill Widmer that delves into how Examine.com, a website focusing on expert analyses of food and supplement nutrition claims, earned one million monthly visitors. The study highlights the site’s unique data content and its investment in high-detail, expert-produced articles.

Google’s April 2023 Reviews Update More Volatile Than the Previous Product Updates

SEO News May 2023

Moving on, Barry Schwartz provides insights into Google’s April 2023 Reviews Update, which was found to be more volatile than previous updates. The update not only targeted product reviews but also encompassed services, destinations, and media. Schwartz presents data from various tools, demonstrating the impact on different niches.

Google’s Newest Reviews Update Elevates Real-Life Experience

SEO News May 2023

Lily Ray offers an interesting interpretation of the update, suggesting that it focused on elevating real-life experiences rather than just product reviews. She supports her theory with evidence from Google’s emphasis on experience in its guidelines and examples of niche-specific sites that gained from the update.

SEO News May 2023

How Content Is Evolving Thanks to AI

SEO News May 2023

Next, Ross Simmonds discusses how AI is influencing content development. He explores the potential changes AI can bring to various stages of content creation, including research, brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and publishing. Simmonds emphasizes using AI as an augmentation to human abilities and strategies.

How to Get on the First Page of Google in 2023

SEO News May 2023

Joshua Hardwick provides a guide on how to get on the first page of Google in 2023. He emphasizes the importance of understanding search intent and tailoring content accordingly. Hardwick takes readers through the decision process required to optimize a page and compete with existing top-ranking pages.

April 2023 Reviews Update Is Officially Over

SEO News May 2023

Moving on to recent headlines, it is confirmed that Google’s April 2023 Reviews Update has concluded. Roger Montti discusses the update’s impact on various types of reviews and shares insights from SEO forums where many experienced drops in rankings.

Export Historical Data From Universal Analytics Before July 1, 2024

Google also announces that users of Universal Analytics need to export their historical data before the sunset dates: July 1, 2023, for standard Universal Analytics properties and July 1, 2024, for Universal Analytics 360 properties. The announcement provides links to different methods for exporting data.

Google Updates Site Names in Search Results After Numerous Complaints

SEO News May 2023

Additionally, Barry Schwartz provides an update on the “site names” issue, where Google displayed incorrect titles in search results. While Google claimed to have fixed the problem, some sites were still experiencing issues according to Glenn Gabe’s examples.

Google Updates Helpful Content Guidance, Streamlines Search Console Reports

Lastly, Matt G. Southern reports on Google’s updates to its content guidance, which now includes a section on page experience. Google emphasizes that providing a good overall page experience across multiple aspects is crucial for success in search rankings. The update also streamlines Core Web Vitals and HTTPS reports in Search Console.


In conclusion, this roundup provides valuable insights into SEO strategies, case studies, updates, and the impact of AI on content development. It covers a range of topics to help marketers and website owners stay informed and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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