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How To Find LSI Keywords and Do They Help with SEO?

In this article, we will learn what are LSI Keywords and how to Find LSI keywords for your niche. So let’s get started. Latent Semantic Indexing

The full form of the LSI term is Latent Semantic Indexing. This term may sound quite a weird term, but actually, it is a very easy and simple term to deal with in SEO. It helps to rank your page.

Also, we will discuss some famous confusion regarding LSI keywords like whether LSI keywords are different from long-tail keywords, or not. Also, we will discuss whether LSI Keywords play a significant role in SEO or not.

What are LSI keywords & What is Latent Semantic Indexing?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and LSI keywords are terms and phrases that are similar or related to a web page’s targeted keyword. The purpose of this term in Search Engine Optimization is to help search engines better understand the content of your website or webpage by adding context and connecting the copy to a target set of keywords.

These keywords can be related to the original topic or can sometimes be synonyms, or substitutions, and sometimes you even have to account for words that are sentimentally and logically connected to your keywords.

For example, if you are talking about cars or bikes, then LSI keywords related to cars or bikes would be an automobile, engine, road, tires, vehicles, and automatic transmission. These words or LSI keywords are something that will help and guide Google to differentiate between your post from searches related to other topics like Automobile toys, cars for toddlers, and many more such topics already available on Google. So we can say that the Search Engine Optimization tool like LSI keywords are used to put relevant, basic, and deep details that are related to your topic out so that it helps Google differentiate your content from others and help to keep it fresh and unique from others.

One confusion that people often have regarding the LSI keywords is, do they differ from Long-tail keywords or not. And the answer to this confusion is- Yes! The key difference between LSI keywords and long-tail keywords is that long-tail keywords narrow down the scope of a search, and LSI keywords broaden the scope with related keywords. Now let’s see, how you can find LSI keywords for your article, and do they really affect SEO or not.

How to find LSI Keywords? (Step by Step guide)

Now after understanding the LSI keyword in-depth, let’s discuss how to find the suitable and appropriate LSI keywords easily for your website.

1)  Don’t focus solely on Synonyms

As we learn in-depth, how to find LSI keywords, you must keep in mind that you are not just looking for synonyms of the topic, we are also looking to find related words and meaningful phrases. This mindset and knowledge will guide you properly to identify the suitable LSI keywords for your content.

For example, if you are searching LSI Keywords for the topic, ‘best beaches in India’, you should not focus only on synonyms like, ‘Best coast in India’ or ‘best shores in India’, you must create a list of relevant keywords stemming from the topic, that may include, ‘India beaches vacation’, Vacations by the water, or, ‘ top Indian beaches’. This way you could create a much broader audience, for your website and your target topic.

2)  Look for Related searches on Google

We all know that Google is the top search engine platform. So who can help better while searching LSI keywords rather than Google? When you are learning to find LSI keywords, Google is the best place to start with. A simple example could be, a group of related searches at the bottom of your search on Google. For instance, if you search, ‘best beaches in India’, you will find related research in the blue lines below.

You can also look out for the phrases that pop up when you type a target keyword into the Google search bar. They are also LSI Keywords.

 Either of these keyword discovery strategies and tactics can work wonders for you to find common search phrases you may have not thought of in the first place.

3)  You can use SEMrush Tool for LSI Keywords search

SEMrush is the ultimate tool that helps you to churn out keywords that actually benefit you. You can use SEMrush to reap out keywords that your competitor uses and then use them for LSI keywords or for a completely new project idea that you own.

To start with, go to SEMrush and type in your competitor’s website URL in the search box, and hit enter. Next, select Organic research, and position from the left side menu to go to the ranking keyword page, and you are good to go. With creating a free account of SEMrush you can see 10 keywords of any website, but if you need more keywords you will need to upgrade to its premium paid version.

4)  You can use the LSI graph

The LSI graph tool has been handy for getting some good LSI keywords. All you have to do is, just go on the website, enter your keyword, and hit generate. This tool doesn’t give you that many relevant keywords but it is a free version, so you can get using the LSI graph initially.

 The best tool recommendation would be to go with the paid version of SEMrush, as they gather tons of data from the web to provide you with accurate results and also helps you to compare your SEO performance in almost real-time

Further, you can even use tools like Serpstat’s or Google keywords planner to get a hold of LSI keywords. Lastly, we recommend the use of LSI keywords in your search strategy.

Applications of LSI Keywords

Now, let us discuss the benefits and Applications of using LSI keywords in detail as follow-

1)  It prevents your Content from being Labelled as spam.

Having a vivid mention of keyword phrases that are semantically related to your primary keywords, increases and boosts the credibility of your content. It also differentiates your content from casual spam content and gives your content a label as original and fresh content, which Google always demands from its users.

2)  It decreases Bounce Rates

Yes, you heard it right! LSI keywords assist in decreasing bounce rates, by preventing your website from ranking for the wrong terms. For instance, the ‘definition of notebook’, from the movie, ‘the notebook’ was wrongly misinterpreted.

3)  It Improves Search Engine Rankings

As Google bots automatically crawl your site and create a perception about what your article is all about, and what it means, it helps them include related keywords in your search copy.

4)  Improves Blog Authority

We all know the basic formula to rank any website is

More Ranking= More Click through Rates= More Authority of your blog

Hence, we can conclude that LSI Keyword helps to improve the blog authority.

Do LSI Keywords Really Help in SEO?

Most SEO tools and platforms consider LSI keywords merely nothing more than related words, phrases and keywords. But if we roll that definition, then despite being technically Inaccurate, using some related phrases and words in your content can really help to improve its Search engine optimization.


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