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10 Highpaying Websites for Content Writers | Useful Websites for Technical Writers

10 Highpaying Websites for Content Writers that pays you $300 minimum to write for them. We all know that technical writing is not a joke. If you are writing for websites, blogs, and product promotion related, you must have a certain expertise in the field.

But we can admit that after doing so much formatting and research we get paid very less. The clients take more work and pay a few pennies in return, which is disheartening. Useful Websites for Content Writers

10 Highpaying Websites for Content Writers | Useful Websites for Content Writers

There are many websites available on the Internet that pay you in dollars for the same work, through which you can maximize your earnings. Whether you are looking to promote your blog, and generate traffic, or looking for authentic platforms to work genuinely and get well paid, if you know about the right platforms, you can earn in dollars.

In this article, we have provided you with the top 10 websites that are genuine, trustworthy, and can contribute very well in generating your side income, or may become the main source of Income. They will pay you around 20$ to 500$ for a single article if it gets published or approved. So, without any wait, check them out.

Top 10 Websites that Pays you upto $600 Per Article | Highpaying Websites for Content Writers

1. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a platform created keeping in mind the users, to deliver content to help developers, and also to support tech-oriented businesses and organizations. If you use Linux Tools, YAML files, and software developments, and can produce systems tutorials on multiple software and tech-related contents.

If your tutorial gets published on Digital Ocean, you can earn up to $300 for complete tutorials, after it gets published. Also for highly complex tutorials, you may earn up to $400-$700. So if you are a technical writer, know that you are a great pick, and can earn lump sum amounts, using your knowledge and sharing it in words, by writing on this platform.

2. DevSpotlight

If you can deliver Technical content, then Dev Spotlight websites are the best pick for you. Here you get paid for writing Technical blogs, whitepapers, tutorials, and articles that are created by experts for Developers, Engineers, and IT leaders.

You can become a writer for Dev Spotlight, which is a USA-based Technical content marketing company, if you are delivering content on Technical niches, like Coding, Java, Python, Mobile apps, Engineering Related, and so on.

On this platform, you can showcase your writing skills and build a strong portfolio because the clients and readers of this website are huge companies, and the content here is top-ranked. And the best part, is you can work remotely from them, so no 9 to 5, right?

3. ContentLab

If you love writing, then you can get paid well, for your writing passion, and write more and more. At the Content Lab, you can become a part of a big community of writers, creators, and thinkers that create content that is well-versed and according to the fast-drifting digital society. You can create blogs, Whitepapers, E-books, tutorials, and courses, and write articles and get well paid for the love of your writing.

4. Stack Overflow

Technology-oriented writers can earn through Stack Overflow, working remotely. There are questions asked on different technology and web development-related niches. You can earn on Stack Overflow not just by posting an article, but also by answering in detail numerous questions present on the platform.

5. AbstractAPIs

You can earn significant writing for Abstract APIs, but you need to be an expert in technical fields as generating API may demand great knowledge and expertise. You can create tutorials regarding APIs on Abstract APIs and earn large sums.

6. LogRocket

Words are a way to express, hence a significant amount of our lives go into communication. And hence, if we can write better, we can communicate better. Hence at LogRocket, there is always a need for a Technical writer who can write about coding, data software, and programs in a better engaging and high audience retention.

7. Fauna

We all know how much Technical writers are in Demand. If you are one of them, then you can join ‘Write with Fauna’ to produce high-quality technical content for a fast thriving movement, and earn huge amounts in dollars. You can create tutorials, and educational content that is SEO friendly, quality enriched and focused on serverless stacks building up driving and engaging content for Fauna.

If you are an app builder or have created and worked for Java, Python, APIs, GraphQL, etc, then, Fauna is the best platform to showcase your talent. Based on work experience, Fauna gives you an amazing platform to write high-technology content for them and earn enormously.

  • Pay Rate$500 per article
  • Visit Fauna

8. SitePoint

You can become a writer at Sitepoint and get paid for your passion for inking. Technical writers can get a huge payment from Sitepoint. It recruits creative and talented writers that have knowledge and credibility to share with the world. If you are a Java, python expert, or Web Assembly, React, Figma is your cup of tea, you can get hired by Sitepoint and become a member of the community of writers.

9. Tutorialspoint

If you are someone very creative in writing and an expert in any of the niches like IT, Java Technology, Software Management, Project Management, Accounts and Finances, Mainframe Technologies, Web Development, Microsoft Technology, Business Intelligence, Academic subjects related to Engineering and Technology, soft skills and so on, then you can develop complete tutorials content for Tutorialspoint.

And you can make good revenue from it. At the Tutorials point, you need to send your resume with some samples and once they get approved, you are eligible to create content tutorials for them. You can earn a good handsome salary using this website creating quality content for them.

10. CSS Tricks

If you are a master in software programs like HTML, Java, Python, C++, CSS, and many more, you have a very high demand for earning capacity, merely by sharing your knowledge and experience with the World. At CSS Tricks, you can work and earn dollars, writing as a Technical Writer. We can say if you can impact with your words about different programs, you can successfully earn by your skills.


Thus, we can conclude that if you are a Technical Writer, you can earn dollars easily working with any of the above platforms.

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