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Which Backlinks you should Create and When? 6 Steps to Implement Off-page SEO.
Which Backlinks you Should Create & When

In this blog, I’m going to cover which backlinks you should create and when? I will also explain how you can implement off-page SEO in 6 simple steps. And why backlinks are everything for SEO?

With that, I’m also going to share with you how many and which backlinks you should create and when for your blog post?

So, that you can make your checklist from those 6 steps for the next time you write any blog post.

You don’t need to create many backlinks for your posts in 2021, one backlink can change your website rank.

Many a time you must have seen that how a brand new website with very few backlinks or no backlinks outranks huge authority websites, how is this possible? We’ll see further into this article.

Look Authority of backlinks is an important factor while link building for your blogs. You cannot outrank any big websites with just the number of backlinks.

6 Steps to Implement Off-page SEO

1. Social Profiles:

Look, a Social profile is important for any new website/page/blog post to rank or to achieve some authority at the beginning.

You’ve probably seen many a time when someone launches their new business, shops or any website, and if they share and publicize their gigs, products or any service in Social media (even if there is no website present) their service, or their product already indexed in Google images, Instagram, Twitter or Google My Business, this is because Google trusts social media and shows their results whenever a query is asked in the search box.

High authority Social media includes Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and many more.

So the first thing you have to do is to create a social signal for your service, business or products on social media. 

Be it any informational posts, or hire any social media manager but you need to create hype, engagements on your social media posts. 

Also, you need to keep updating them regularly.

2. Business Citations:

In business citations, you have to update your website data in the local search directories of your country.

Just type local business citations in Google results with your country name and you’re good to go.

For example, if you live in the USA, then you should use the USA’s local citation websites to fill in your website details to claim your business listing.

This can also be done with Google My Business listing, whether you have a physical location for your business or not, list them on Google My Business as well.

This will increase the chance of rankings.

No matter if you’re running any informational blog or any affiliate blogs you should always list your details in business citation websites of your country.

Citations are important when it comes to SEO. It is an important factor for local SEO.

Local SEO plays a very important role if you provide service to your local customers.

It will also increase your chance for your website to rank in your local areas, cities or any town.

Or if you run an e-commerce store then local business citation is icing on the cake, you will get organic orders from Google as well.

3. Guest Posting:

Guest posting is important to get the contextual link for your website.

A Contextual link is a link where you can get links directly from the main body of a blog/article.

If you have no idea about how you can create a guest post on someone’s website, or how you can approach someone for a guest post, then you should check out my detailed post on the Guest post.

Guest Post Strategies and Email Approach

After you’re done with social signals and a few guest post links, now comes a trustworthy phase of your website. 

In this phase, you will start getting traffics and visitors from Social media and guest posts.

4. Link Insertion:

The link Insertion method is practised when your website is in stable condition, which means you’re getting a good amount of visitors on your website daily. 

It can be anywhere between 100 to 1000 daily traffic.

What you have to do in the Link insertion method is to replace every link of the guest posts with your link pointing to your website.

Never place more than 3 external links from a single guest post to your website.

Start approaching already published guest post owners to replace links with your links.

How to approach someone for a Guest Post?

5. Private Blog Network

This is an optional step, I don’t recommend anyone with no experience in PBN before.

Don’t apply this method of creating links if you’ve never practised PBN in the past.

This is because PBN is considered as a Grey-Hat SEO in Google’s eyes and you should never apply any grey-hat or black-hat methods.

What is PBN? Black Hat or Grey Hat Practise?

If you’re new in this blogging journey then you should take the previous step of Guest posts further and point all your links to your money-making posts. This comes under safe practice.

You need to make sure that you should never leave any footprints in Google while practising this method of link building.

Difference between Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO.

Then comes the authoritative stage for your website. 

In this authoritative stage, whenever you publish any new blog, it will not take more than 10 minutes to index your new post.

Because your blog comes in an authoritative position in Google’s sight, which means your blog is already ranking in the top 10 or the top 20 positions when your website reached this stage.

6. Editorial Links:

Editorial links are those links, where you get links from any editorial blogs, or news websites like Forbes, CNN, BBC, NDTV etc.

Look, getting links from any Editorial websites is not easy at all, to get links from those websites, your websites should also have attained a position near to that.

Sometimes, you need to pay a huge amount just to get a single link for your website.

Editorial links are not free most of the times, it is very costly both in terms of money as well as in time.

You can choose forum backlinks and forum profile links if editorial links seem too costly for your business.

Go for Forum and QNA links if you can’t afford editorial links, the authority of this link is not as high as contextual links but is useful to get some targeted traffic for your website.

Redirect all the links to your pillar page and the money-making pages of your websites.

So, if you are low on budget then you can go to forums or any QNA websites.

In 2021, your website doesn’t require a large number of backlinks, you just need 1 or 2 high authority backlinks to rank in the top 5 positions or the featured snippet of Google.

You probably have seen some new websites with no backlinks are outranking many bigger websites, this is because Content is always the King in ranking, whereas Backlinks are Queen.

Content can make your website rank for a fewer time, but to remain in that position you need to create high-quality backlinks for your blog.

Because what happens is that just like you who observes your competitors, you will also be observed by your competitors, and once they came to know that you are ranking with no backlinks, they will outrank your post with a few backlinks.

You can surely increase the number of backlinks using blog comments, Forums, Profiles, etc but they are just helpful for some time.

Which Forums, Profiles to choose for Backlinks?

Now the question arises which forums, profiles, to choose to get backlinks from?

This can be answered using your Competitors footprints, you just need to follow 3 to 4 of your competitor’s website.

Check the number & source of backlinks, referring domains of your competitors and replicate the same in your website as well.

You can use Ahrefs or SEMrush to get the source of their backlinks and make the same for your website also.

Use Free Keyword and SEO tool for 7 days

Make a list of the forums, profile links, blog comments of your 2 or 3 competitors and do the same as they have done.


To end with this, Guest post is still one of the most powerful sources to get backlinks from. Not only the links you get is of your choice but is also relevant to your blogs.

You just have to approach as many as you can, because not everyone accepts free guest posts on their blog.

Many will charge a huge amount for just a simple blog because of the authority they’ve established throughout the time.

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