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EasyVSL Review 2023: Create high Converting Videos in a Click

A Video Sales Letter is more effective than text. EasyVSL offers greater engagement and higher conversion rates. So, in this article, I have discussed about EasyVSL review.

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Creating video is quite hard and a bit intimidating, it is time consuming also. As there are huge benefits of VSL, EASYVSL, the video sales letter creation tool, is just the think that will solve the problem of digital marketer. Here we will take a closer look in this EASYVSL review and see whether it is worth your time or not.

What is a Video Sales Letter?

A video sales letter (VSL) is a video designed to sell a product or service to the viewer. A VSL uses the same ideologies that a written sales letter does to convince its audience, but in video form. You will find video sales letters on landing pages, websites, and digital ads. 

Why are Video Sales Letters important?

A video sales letter can offer your business several advantages, including:

Clarifying the value of your product or service: A video sales letter contributes you the opportunity to concisely describe in an engaging format how your product or service could help your audience.

Presenting personalized and relevant content: Some audiences might find video sales letters more relevant than other kinds of marketing content. A video sales letter lets you talk to your audience in a more casual environment.

Providing evidence: A video might help you establish integrity for your company and offering. You can use a video sales letter to deliver your audience with solid proof of what you are saying, such as with a product or service demo and client testimonials.

What is EasyVSL & Who needs EasyVSL? 

EasyVSL is a good fit for anyone who has a need for a video sales letter however has no skill in creating one. It is applicable for: 

  • Digital product creators who want to sell an e-book, software products, online course, and ecommerce products. 
  • Training and teaching your audience to capture their attention, and get them involved. 
  • YouTube marketers who generate videos that drive engagement and boost your ranking. 
  • Facebook Advertising to promote your product and service to a target audience. 

Easy VSL is okay if you want easy-to-use and reasonable software to create a video sales letter.

No technical skill is required and you can generate your VSL in minutes. Also, the 3.0 upgrade is better than its close rival, Content Samurai.

What is good about EasyVSL 3.0?

1)      It has got a great reputation

EasyVSL 3.0 builds on the accomplishment of its predecessors and with a track record of high conversions, the new features and improvements made to this version could only improve on this success. With more than 40,000 marketing professionals worldwide now using EasyVSL, the concrete reputation of the software has been well earned.

2)      Everything is combined

One of the finest things about EasyVSL 3.0 is that it integrates so many elements that there is no other apps or software required to complicate the procedure of generating a video sales letter.

3)      It is fast and Easy

Your VSL can be formed in minutes and you do not need to know anything about video production. The interface and features are so user-friendly that it only takes minutes to acquaint yourself with the software. Even if you have not used previous versions, you will rapidly become an expert at using EasyVSL 3.0

4)      Translation Features

This is an unbelievable feature. With the click of a key, you can meet your international marketing strategy. Now that is impressive.

Main Features of EasyVSL

Here are the most significant features of the software irrespective of the version.

1)      Point and Click Interface. 

This feature is splendid since it makes your work so much easier to do. All you have to do here is point anywhere on the slide to include your text or whatever else that you wish to add

2)      Custom Background Theme and Colors. 

With Easy VSL, you can set the color or theme that you want and even create a custom background for every slide that you have.

3)      Auto Slide Creation.

With this exciting feature, you do not have to fret about making slides – the Easy VSL would make the slide for you! All that is essential from you is to paste your text and voila! The slides will be there for you

4)      High-Quality Video Format. 

There are several video formats available on the software, and the Easy VSL would let you make the correct videos in the quality you want. You can make it an Mp4 format, which is compatible with virtually all devices out there.

All these are but several of the features found in all the versions of the Easy VSL. However, since there is a new version, we will see some of the features that set that apart from the others and how that is helpful to you.

EasyVSL Version 3.0 Features

1)      Auto Slide Maker

As with the previous version, this generates slides for you automatically.

2)      Custom Background Themes

With a collection of more than 75 templates, this feature lets you decide just how you want the presentation to look like.

3)      Custom Fonts

Luckily, the Easy VSL has plenty of custom fonts.

4)      Inserting Video Demo

This will let you add a video to the created VSL, without using any other video editing tool.

5)      Speech-To-Text function

Another exquisite feature is the ability to detect your voice and speech and translate that to text for making the video.

6)      Integration and Push

With the latest version, you could export your video straight to video sites. Therefore, you save yourself plenty of time and headaches trying to upload a video onto a website.

7)      Better Timeline Editor

Easy VSL 3.0 has improved the functionality and efficiency of the editor. With the new upgrade, users can control volume, use multi-layering, snap a timeline, and make cuts as well. This improves the speed as well as support of Easy VSL.

8)      Kinetic Animation – a selection of 10 themes

This is a brand new feature in the new version of EasyVSL. Kinetic animations allow you to create visually engaging VSLs using animated text.

9)      Automated Speech Recognition

EasyVSL 3.0 offers a wide array of inbuilt voices to read’ your text. You can generate audio for your video with the natural sounding voices.

10)  Instant Image Search Library (1,000,000 and more royalty free images)

No more searching for the perfect image or graphics. With this feature, you can rapidly find the perfect image to add to your VSL. Think of all the time that will save!

11)  Sound effects library

No need to find sound effects using another program or searching online for the perfect sound to add audio animation to your project. EasyVSL 3.0 has an entire library of sound effects including a range of sounds that you could add to your video sales letter. Need to add the sound of birds? Or the sound of the ocean? No problem, they are included in the library.

12)  Share EasyVSL presentations between computers

This is the perfect feature if you use diverse computers or require to share files with colleagues. With EasyVSL 3.0, you could import, export and share with other computers that also have EasyVSL.

  1. Compatible with YouZign-created images
    If you have created images on YouZign, you could use them in your VSLs created on EasyVSL 3.0. If you have not created images on YouZign, then you could still search over 1,000,000 royalty free images to use in your project.

EasyVSL is a High-Converting Video Sales Letter, Generated from Start to Finish in UNDER 60-Seconds!

 How to create a VSL using EasyVSL 

You generate VSL in 6 steps: 

1.      Create a new VSL Project 

There are two ways to create a VSL project: 

Paste a text: Simply paste your text from notepad, MS word, Google Doc, or any other text editor. This procedure is fast. 

Create a VSL Project from Scratch: Here you type text on each of the slides. The process is not different from what you do in PowerPoint. 

2.      Add split marks 

This is simply indicating wherever you want your slides to end. If you generate your slides using the kinetic templates, you add split marks manually. However if you use the Classic template, EasyVSL adds the split marks automatically. 

3.      Select a background theme/color 

You select a theme that you think will suit the kind of video you want to generate. 

4.      Edit slides 

Easy VSL creates slides for you with the texts you entered in each slide. You have options to edit your slide. You can change text font, size, background, color, create or remove background, select a transition, as well as lots more. 

5.      Add audio 

Select any audio you want and EasyVSL will automatically upload it to your timeline. Next is to set wherever you want the transition between each slide to take effect.

This procedure is simple. Play your audio in EasyVSL and click on the slides at the exact time you want them to appear. If you make mistakes with the slide timing, use the timeline editor to fix it. 

6.      Publish

This is the concluding step. You select a video quality (Standard Quality or HD) and hit publish. You can publish your video from EasyVSL to other video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. 

Why should you use EasyVSL? 

Generating a Video Sales Letter is not easy. Before now, Microsoft PowerPoint was the application to use. But it is time-consuming as well as lacks advanced features for VSL.

Also if you lack the skills to make Video Sales Letter, you might need to hire someone. That is also expensive. But EasyVSL does the heavy lifting for you.

It is reasonable and you can generate a video sales letter yourself within minutes. You don’t need any technical skills. No more paying huge amounts to videographers.

Just use the drag and drop timeline editor to make VSL that converts to sales. 

Pricing & Discounts

They offer EasyVSL for either:

$99 upfront and then $9.99/month

Or $197/year

Which is worth it as long as you generate at least 1 VSL per month. 

The thing is though: if you are thinking of purchasing EasyVSL you’ll perhaps be creating a lot MORE than just 1 VSL per month.

You will be testing different hooks, different leads, different pricing as well as a lot more… and that is where EasyVSL sparkles. It will save you dozens, if not hundreds of hours, as well as make A/B testing a breeze.

Conclusion (EasyVSL Review)

EasyVSL is a video creation software that helps you make high-quality video sales letters in a matter of minutes. If you use traditional video formation tools, the procedure might take several hours depending on the intricacy and the length of the video.

Its reasonable price paired with advanced features makes it one of the best if not the best video making software available right now. If you are on a tight budget and are looking to boost your product conversion ratios, be certain to give EasyVSL a try. 

Though the lack of a free trial might be an issue for some, one can purchase the basic version and try it since EasyVSL has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions about EasyVSL

Are there are hidden costs associated? 

No, there are no hidden costs related with the software. With an initial price of $97, EasyVSL works on a monthly subscription which would cost you $9.99.

If you decide not to continue the monthly subscription, you could still access your existing Video Sales Letters. That being said, you will not be able to create new videos unless you renew the monthly subscription.

Alternatively, you can purchase the annual plan priced at $197. 

What if I use sales scripts? Is EasyVSL compatible with them? 

As a matter of fact, EasyVSL works with all Video Sales Scripts. Just import your text to EasyVSL and the tool will take care of the rest. From sorting to autofill, the software will help you create videos in just a few minutes. 

Do I have to pay for features when the software is updated? 

No, since EasyVSL has moved from a one-time payment software to a tool you have to subscribe to every month, you would be getting access to most of the new features. 

How Good Is Easy VSL? 

Easy VSL is better with the 3.0 upgrade. This has made it a good substitute to Content Samurai.  You have more features to make your video sales letter.
Anyone can use it to generate a simple VSL without being a videographer. 

Is Easy VSL Legit?

Yes, it is. No hidden charges or upsells. It has reviews and ratings. Plus a community of 40,000+ creative minds using EasyVSL to generate video sales letter. 

Does it update regularly? 

Yes, EasyVSL updates regularly. This is based on the feedback gotten from users like you. However, you can be sure that its update has new and intuitive features that help you generate a more engaging video sales letter.

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