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Having ‘dabbled’ in the shallows of Internet Marketing and trying eCommerce, Blogging, HTML websites and ‘free’ websites; it was decided that the best way to build an online business was to create an insanely strong foundation.

So, in 2017, a mentoring website was found and all the training done so far has produced this website


We all have at least one website within us and if we want that website to work, to thrive and to be a success (i.e. a website that you’d be proud to show your Grandma) then we need to have solid representation in the search engine listings.

We, here at Optimizeyourblog.com, believe that we have access to the training, the success and the drive to make that representation a fact.


We will show you, through live examples, case studies and videos, how you can get your website ranked quickly and accurately and then how you can build your reputation with the search engines so that your site moves into the leading pack – generating you more leads, more traffic, more profits.


Hi, I’m Dom, the owner/writer of Optimizeyourblog.com and I’m pleased to meet you. I think I’ve tried most of the ways to make money online and all of them have failed. Researching ‘why’ they failed showed me that I tried to sprint before I’d began to crawl.

Too much reliance on ‘blueprints’, ‘instant results’ and ‘easy systems’ that had no roots to build on.

But now I’ve changed my perspective, I’ve demolished both my online presence and my ‘faulty’ mindset; found a mentoring program and I’ve started to grow.

If I can help you in any way, please don’t hesitate to contact me through the comment section below

Kindest Regards



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